Estes Memorial Scholarship

2018 Scholarship Recipient with Keith and Melissa Estes
The Kaleb Estes Memorial Scholarship has been set up to recognize an outstanding student who exemplifies a life of volunteer service, by rewarding a deserving high school senior each year with a college scholarship. Kaleb was an outstanding leader on the Volunteer Center’s Youth Council, setting a wonderful example of student volunteer service in this community. This scholarship is dedicated to Kaleb Estes, as a memorial to Kaleb and as a source of encouragement and reward to current students who embody a life of high academic achievement as well as a life of service. “His kind, generous soul, encouraging disposition, beautiful mind, and uncommon courage brightened the lives of those who knew him during his short time on earth. He had a zeal for life and helping others. He lived a fuller life than most people will live in 5 lifetimes. He was an encourager, a musician, an artist, a daredevil, an author, a seamstress, a math wizard, a poet, a problem solver, a genius, a statistician, an engineer, an actor, a golfer, a bowler, an athlete, an Air Force Academy Cadet, a friend of the friendless, a thinker, a dreamer, a brother, a son, a grandson, but most important, a magnanimous giver and helper.” – Keith Estes (father)

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